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Existentialism is the subjective experience, not some preset essence that determines what a human becomes.

There are many paths to truth, but we do not believe that there is one belief system that is higher than another—one that is true and that others are not. Each person must seek their own path and find their own truth.

Members of our congregation will self-identify as Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan—whatever their own internal self feels is truth for them. But we all come together to celebrate that variety, that we can all seek different paths yet still be a part of the same community.

organizational by-laws

organizational chart

If you have an update or revision to the organizational chart, please contact the membership guild by sending a message to office@firstexistentialist.org with the subject heading "Organizational Chart Update for Membership Guild."


Officially, here is the definition of guilds from the Congregational By-laws:




Guilds may be established with Board approval to promote involvement in the activities and functions of the Congregation. Guilds shall be supervised by the Board and shall report tothe Board upon request. The number of members is subject only to the discretion of the Guild, except that a minimum of three (3) shall be required on each Guild, with at least two beingmembers of the Congregation. Guild Chairs should be selected by the Guild. Guilds may be dissolved at the discretion of the Board and shall be considered temporarily inactive if the number of Guild members drops belowthree (3). The following are examples of Guilds and usual functions.



Shall provide opportunities to affirm the importance of the arts within our lives and commit itself to cultivate, nurture, and present the performing, visual and literary arts within our space. This may be accomplished through art exhibits, sales, live performances, and otherevents.


Building and Grounds:

With authorization from the Board, shall be responsible for maintenance, repair, and improvement of buildings and grounds, including the hiring and supervision of maintenance personnel. Shall comply with all building, fire, and safety codes in carrying out these tasks.


Congregational Care:

Shall keep in touch with individual members regarding their concerns and well being, particularly in the event of illness, death among family and friends, and other significant events, shall initiate and coordinate personal visits and other types of support activities that might be appropriate in particular circumstances. The Guild shall bring to the attention of the Board any significant collective concerns of the Congregation.



Shall nurture the spiritual life of the Congregation for children and adults. Shall overseethe selection of educational materials and curriculum; shall help recruitandsupervise teachers and other personnel; shall maintain a library; and shall initiate and supervise special programs.



Shall promote financial stewardship among the members of the Congregation byfacilitating the annual pledge campaign and fund-raising benefits and activities; shall assist the Treasurer in collection and deposit of all funds for the Congregation; shall maintain individual pledge and contribution accounting and budget records; and shall develop the annual budget for approval by the Board.



Shall promote, develop and enhance the membership of the Congregation; shall make literature available that relates to member services and the values, procedures, and philosophy of the Congregation; shall gather and record information relating to membership; and shall oversee periodic publication of a Congregational directory. 



Shall work with the minister(s) and other staff in planning and conducting services and obtaining qualified speakers, musicians, and other participants for various services, both from outside sources and from within the Congregation.