Buildings and Grounds

From the by-laws, here is the mission of the Buildings and Grounds Guild:

With authorization from the Board, shall be responsible for maintenance, repair, and improvement of buildings and grounds, including the hiring and supervision of maintenance personnel. Shall comply with all building, fire, and safety codes in carrying out these tasks.

First E Building

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[B&G] Buildings and Grounds Strategy Meeting August 29 at 9:30 am downstairs

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. We had a successful work day, though poorly advertised due to my lack of follow-up, on July 10. Among other things, we got more of the circuitry mapped, the ministerial office cleaned out, and the floor removed from the stage left closet. Since the floor was not completely done and was a hazard of sorts I went back in and completed the work this past Friday prior to the book sale. At this point, there is a little finishing work to do, but the stairs and railing are now in place in the closet (see picture attached).

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Updates from work day last Saturday

This is my update notes message from the immediate prior work day. I am posting this message to "" where they will be available for others to read.

On Saturday we moved forward on several projects.

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[B&G Guild] This Saturday March 6 9am-3pm B&G ONLY work day

I hope I am not forgetting anyone. I know Randy cannot make it but that Bill R. and Jon N. can make it.

This Saturday is our day to install the new door between the two offices and create the new design for the office and storage space. I hope we will have enough of us to do both things. I have feedback from a variety of people including Joni, Bill R, Rick, Rita, Marsha and others regarding the office space. I want to get it into a design we can then present to everyone after the door is done (evidence that we can get things done) and prior to the workday on March 20.

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B & G Meeting tomorrow at 10 am

I realize we do not have a lot of lead time in organizing to meet tomorrow. I started building the door a week ago. If you can make it tomorrow morning at 10 am, please come. We will be working on the door and office design.

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> How would Sunday Feb.

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B & G Minutes

Did I miss anything?

Sub-groups within the Buildings and Grounds Guild

The Woodland Sanctuary Committee and the Labrynth & Garden Committee operate as somewhat autonomous functions of the Buildings and Grounds Guild. 

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