Duties of the Board of Directors from the By-Laws


Section C:   Duties and Functions of the Board

            Subject to limitations which are provided elsewhere in these By-laws, the duties and functions of the Board shall include, but shall not be limited to the following:

1.     Maintain custody and management of all property and operations of the Congregation; and maintain accountability for the expenditure of all funds;

2.     Adopt, amend, rescind and implement policies, rules and regulations which are consistent with the duties and functions of the Board and with decisions of the membership;

3.     Work closely with the professional congregational staff to ensure that the needs of the membership and its stated goals are adequately met;

4.     Establish and provide direction to such committees and/or guilds deemed appropriate, define their duties and prescribe their powers.

5.     Develop and approve the annual Congregation operating budget and make it available to the Congregation;

6.     Submit a full statement of financial condition to the membership on an annual basis and conduct an annual audit;

7.     Appoint, as appropriate, delegates and alternates to represent the Congregation at meetings of the Unitarian Universalist Association and other denominationally-related bodies;

8.     Maintain accurate and open records of all its meetings, except Executive Sessions;

9.     Oversee all publications of the Congregation, including but not limited to Sunday bulletins, monthly newsletters, brochures, press releases, other promotional materials,and website;

10.  Recommend revisions to the By-laws as appropriate.



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