Our Congregation

The First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta ("First E") operates on the basis of Congregational Fellowship, governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. Congregational members, friends, and visitors are encouraged to follow their own passion, determining for themselves how they can best live their lives and contribute to our community. Our guilds, committees, special programs, projects, and celebrations are guided through the hearts and actions of our members and friends.

First E Membership Picture

Our fellowship has Rev. Marsha Mitchiner serving part time as our Fellowship Minister. Rev. Janna Nelson speaks regularly and is also a principle guiding force for relection on our individual and joint paths. Friends and invited guest speakers lead our other Sunday Celebrations of Life. Time is provided in the service for personal announcements.  Participants are asked to post community annoucements on the board at the back of the sanctuary during services and/or send them to the membership guild to be included in regular emailings. Singing and invited guest musicians provide additional entertainment, while coffee and tea are available before, during, and after the service. As we say, "you are your own chairperson" during the service.  Please feel free to get up and get a drink.  Please be courteous, espectially during the speaker and silent meditation time.  If you are talking in the kitchen, it can be disruptive during these times.

During services, there is a children's program held downstairs run by a hired childcare professional (usually also a member or friend).  The children have play time, have an opening ceremony, usually perform an activity from the Moral Tales curriculum, and have a snack before being picked up by their parents.

Adult discussion groups meet about monthly after services to discuss readings that reflect on life and our existence.  All are welcome to attend.

Marsha Mitchner, Fellowship MinisterLanier Clance, Founder and Minister Emeritus

We invite you into our home, and hope that you will join us on our spiritual journey toward human liberation.