Commitment Statement

Commitment of Members of the First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta, a Philosophically Based, Spiritual Community, Dedicated to Human Liberation and Founded on Existentialist and Feminist Principles

We support and respect each other’s paths as we try to discover and live our own meanings and ways of connecting. We have many different understandings of spirituality, and we honor these differences, asking only that each person’s path be informed by existentialist and feminist principles.

As individuals, we value

  • Freedom and justice for everyone
  • Commitment to the well-being of all human beings
  • Accepting responsibility for our choices and actions
  • Diversity and fellowship, intellectual curiosity and challenges
  • Hugs, laughter, and tears
  • Music, poetry, and dance
  • Art, humor, and irony
  • Beauty, that of our building, of our congregation, and of the world

As a congregation, we pledge to strive

  • To explore and take seriously our central values of freedom, justice, and responsibility
  • To enhance our sense of responsibility, both individually and collectively, and to work together for freedom, justice, and peace in all of our communities and in the world
  • To develop compassion toward others, within the congregation and without
  • To endorse diversity as a source of strength
  • To support, encourage, and nurture each other
  • To provide meaningful programs and activities for children
  • To be welcoming and inclusive, even if it means moving beyond our comfort level
  • To realize that each of us, individually and collectively, is the congregation
  • To recognize the humanity and dignity of those who disagree with us, always giving them the benefit of the doubt
  • To listen with open minds, to be respectful, and to keep channels of communication open, especially when we disagree
  • To constructively challenge ourselves and others and to be forgiving when we fail to live according to our values and commitments
  • To use established procedures for conflict resolution whenever conflicts arise and to commit to making good faith attempts to resolve such conflicts
  • To respect the privacy of confidences shared with us
  • To be generous in our support of the congregation with our time, money, and energy as we are able
  • To be good stewards of our beautiful and historically significant building and of the world